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"i like you…"


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Tyler Carter from Issues with a fan at Warped Tour (x)
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If you ever see me freeze in public, I’m probably trying to figure out what song is playing

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*says i dont care* *actually does tho*

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I touched on sleep paralysis the other day, but decided to make a more detailed post because it can’t be summed up in a few lines.

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a phenomena experienced by people either falling asleep or just waking up. Sufferers of sleep paralysis experience a brief period of time where they are unable to move, and this is usually accompanied by terrifying sensations, visions, and sounds. The most common of these are the sensation of something sitting heavily on your chest, a figure standing over/climbing onto the bed, heavy breathing, or voices.

What causes sleep paralysis?

Simply speaking, it’s an overlapping of two parts of the sleep cycle - REM sleep and the waking stages. REM sleep is when dreams occur, and so basically what happens is you’re dreaming while you’re technically awake. Because you’re not yet fully awake, your body is unresponsive, giving the sensation that you’re paralysed. The visions that are seen are actually dream images being projected into your waking life as hallucinations. Sleep paralysis is more likely to occur if you go to bed incredibly tired or sleep on your back.

Sleep paralysis and the paranormal

There has been a lot of debate about the relationship between sleep paralysis and the paranormal. Spirits have been known to communicate through dreams, and so some people believe that the hallucinations seen during sleep paralysis are actually spirits trying to make contact. Others believe that sleep paralysis is demonic in nature, and that people who suffer from it are having trouble with demonic hauntings or possession. While the link between sleep paralysis and the paranormal has never been proven, it is odd that a vast majority (nearly all) sleep paralysis episodes are negative in nature. Most sleep paralysis sufferers report their hallucinations being terrifying and incredibly distressing. Some people claim that this must be down to something paranormal, because ordinary dreams are not usually overwhelmingly negative.
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Don’t be surprised when they bring a gun to school

that’s not even complicated you literally add 26 and 19 then simplify 2025 over 45 to be 45/1 then multiply 24 and 45 making it 1080 then add 1080 and 47 and unlock the iPad with the passcode 1-1-2-7 god bless

looks like we found ourselves a nerd

looks like we found someone capable of basic math


the worst thing ever is when you can feel someone getting bored with you

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Many of us know Olive Garden’s slogan When You’re Here, You’re Family.  Well, I recently put that to the test.
The tables were wooden and nice to sit at.  The chairs were also comfortable.  The view wasn’t anything special, but there was a pretty cool looking van in the Walmart parking lot that had flames on its sides. 
I was immediately offered wine, and after admitting I was underage, refused wine.  If you’re going to offer me wine, please don’t rescind your offer.  It’s common courtesy.
The napkins were probably the highlight.  They were cloth and worked really well at cleaning the windows.  One waiter told me I didn’t have to do that, but I insisted.  After all, I like a good, clear view of parking lots.  Who doesn’t.
Finally, it was time to order.  I went with the pizza.  The menu said I could pick four toppings, so I chose half portions of eight toppings.  There were only seven to choose from, though, so I made one up.  “…and blorgaspork.”
"Sorry?  What is blorgaspork?"
"That’s your job to know, now isn’t it."
After a reasonable wait, my food arrived.  It was a really good meal, not exactly overpriced, but not exactly underpriced either.  It was just priced.
My waiter soon arrived and asked me if I wanted dessert. 
"Steve," I said, "Have a seat."
He did.
"I have this business idea.  And while I’m here, and we’re family, I was hoping you could give me a loan."
Steve tried to laugh it off.  Like it was some kind of joke.  I was offended and he could tell.  “Steve, this isn’t a joke.”
Steve looked a bit nervous.  I grabbed his hands and pinned them to the table.  “Are we family or not, Steve.”
"Not in the literal sense…" said Steve.  I wasn’t going to let him reason his way out of this one. 
"Look, Steve.  I cleaned your windows.  Family does that for each other.  They clean each others’ windows.  Now, don’t you think I deserve that loan?  We’re family, Steve, we’re family."
Steve handed me 13 bucks.  “Thanks, Steve.”
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